Write Your Most Popular Article Ever

One popular post can bring you more traffic and links than a months work on your usual method. 

Below points will you give you some sort of help to tackle this task. Read carefully and take it to your self.

1. Explore

Before starting to write explore similar stories that have published before. Try to get an idea from it and try to write better than that. 

2. Time is important than talent

You can improve or buy the talent. But you can't do anything to time. So what you have to do is invest more time in improving talent. 

3. Write the best

Write the best ideas on posts. Think different. Think about something that will get popular that others are not writing. Use the best ideas to express your self.

4. Headlines

People read title before reading the content. So you must write brainstorming title that inspires the reader to reader to read full article.

5. Add links

If people find your article interesting they will want to read similar stories about it. Add few links that they might want to read.

6. Research

Research what have worked before. Try to answer your self, why did they work kind of questions.

7. Criticism

Take criticism. They will inspire and force you to write more good content than before. Take criticism as a bonus.



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