Top 5 Mistakes in SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the method of making your site search-friendly. But when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, there are few common mistakes that people incline to make when starting to submit their sites for Search Engines.


1. Lack of targeted keywords

Keywords play the most important role in Search Engine optimization. When a searcher went to a Search Engine and type in a keyword that you like to be found and if your site doesn’t have these keywords, then the searcher will not find you.

2. Poor content

Good content is the key to higher rankings in Search Engines. Content is what the search engine spiders are looking for. But if your site or blog is badly written or never updating or not on the right track, it won't be search engine friendly. You must have great content for Google spiders to crawl on.

3. Black Hat SEO

Black Hat Search Engine Optimizations are the techniques that are prohibited by search engine spiders. They include Meta keyword stuffing, doorway or gateway pages, hidden content, and Meta keywords, link Farming and many more. But search engine spiders have become much aware of these techniques and these spiders can recognize these very easily and the sorry thing is they will be banning your site. So don’t go for the shortcut which is unclear and go for the long path. You can check your website and get a analysis of it for free here!

4. Using Meta Tags unconventionally

These Meta tags include title tags, keyword tags and description tags. Put all of them in every page of your site. And link them from other pages.

5. Bad Design

This includes lack of clear navigation, unclear design frames and also sites that get much more time to load. Spiders can block these sites that have bad design. 


So try to avoid these for a long run…

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