Search engine optimization is very important if you want to get traffic from search engines. Other fact is that 70% of web searches only look in the first page of the search list. So if you're not in the first page. You definitely going to miss many numbers of visitors to your website/blog

Here I will give you the top 10 seo mistakes that people made. Read this post not once but twice and don’t try but don’t do these mistakes again.

1. When targeting keywords use keywords that people may search. Do some researches before selecting keywords. Keywords can break or make your website.

2. Nowadays leaving . It not only works as keywords. But it's what the people see when your site appears in the search results page.

3. Flash might be attractive but flash website without html alternative you're no more. :( provide an html version of it. A search engine spider can't read flash so it can't index it.

4. We know that JavaScript Menus for navigation is good for the design but you must understand that spiders don't index them. So if you're having JavaScript menus consider build a sitemap

5. seo maintenance is important. Don’t think that once you optimize your site, it is optimized forever. If you want to be successful you must look at the SEO in a regular basis.

6. Most people think that SEO is all about Meta keywords and Meta description. It’s correct! Somehow Meta tags are becoming a thing of the past. But don't depend on this.

7. Using images for headlines is an attractive thing but when it comes to SEO you are ruining your web/blog in a long run.  So try modifying them in a style sheet or this.

8. Ignoring keywords in URL's is something that many people do. But just think, if you have keywords in the URLs this gives you additional advantage over your competitors. Keywords in URLs are very important MSN and YAHOO. Google, their relative weight is high. So there are no worries having keywords in URLs.

9. We all know that having more backlinks are always better in SEO. So because of this web masters go to things like link farms, forum spamming etc. but the hard truth is you could end up getting your site banned. So what you need is quality backlinks.

10.when you've written an article do some look back and check whether you're lacking your keywords for your content or not.

I Also recommend you to read Top 5 Mistakes in SEO which is similar to this.


Agent 001 said...

Yup SEO is very important. You have give some nice and simple points. I totally agree with No 6.

SEO Newbie said...

Very Interesting article. Nice to visit your blog again. Good luck.


@Agent 001. I'm a great fan of your blog. It's very nice to see you commenting around here.

@SEO Newbie. Thank you for comment. I have visited your blog and it's full of content. Good luck you too.


@SEO Newbie. Thanks for the comment. it's always good to here from you.

priya said...

You giving very nice and simple points. I agree with you.
Shall u review by blog so that I can improve myself further


@Priya. I reviewed your site. it seems different. Putting only one post on homepage is not enough. you must put at least 3 posts in the homepage and you must put some comment area for viewers to put some comments. Your about me page link is going to a another site and i was wondering why is that.

Your design is very simple and thats Ok. but try to avoid the mistakes above. good luck!!!

Agent 001 said...

@ BLOGBOOZE, Thanks. I am happy that I have fans too. Keep commenting on my blog and I will visit you. I visit my Top 7 commentators everyday. I also subscribe to their Feeds(Web Feeds).