Using Facebook for Generate Traffic

Nowadays many online marketers use facebook to market and drive traffic to their websites. This trend is very understandable because presently over 150 million people are a part of facebook. It's a big way to drive traffic to your website.


Talking about driving traffic, if you're in to some internet marketing about youth addictions like sports cars, games, sports you're going to get a huge traffic to your site via. Facebook because many people using facebook are young people.


So, How to promote your blog via Facebook? Enough talking lets get down to the business,


1. Creating a Group:

One of the greatest functions in the facebook is creating a group. It’s a very simple way and the good news is all the group members don't have to be your friends. You can invite any of them and anyone can join your group. It's a very effective way to promote your business.


2. Status Update:

This is a good way to update the latest news about your blog. (Maybe about a blogpost or something) the bad news is this only appears to your friends and only they can see them.

So if you're already using Facebook Sign In or If you're new to Facebook Sign Up


Agent 001 said...

I have never tried FaceBook. Looks like I have to give it a try.


@Agent001. I am using as a advertising method and it gives me a good number of visits.

try and see.