Why You Must Join a Blog Network

There are many positives about joining a blog network as a Blogger. If I get to the points straight.


1. Relationships

if you ask bloggers who are in blog networks why are they in it, majority of them will say that they enjoyed being a part of something larger than there own Blogs and they got to know many bloggers in there same niche. Many blog networks have there own communicating systems like forums, emails, chat etc. so it's very easy to communicate with others and easy to share pros & cons.

2. Traffic

When I first started blogging it was very hard to find traffic at that time. In present even we have many ways to find traffic, joining a blog network is also a good way to drive in traffic. But you have to write good content. Many networks have ways of promoting Blogs via spotlighting top posts of that week etc.

3. Expertise

Not many bloggers have the experience in running successful blog. But if you join a blog network. These can handle many of the technical aspects like web design, SEO optimization, finding advertisers like that. This allows bloggers to simply just write. But remember you can't expect everything from the network.

4. SEO

One of the biggest plus point of being in a blog network is you can be linked to each other blog in the network. As you have many links to other web site from your site, the chance of ranking higher on the Search Engines gets higher.

5. Prestige

As the experience grows, if you can get writing for one of the biggest networks on the blog, you can put that to your advantage by building your own image.

6. Learning

If you are new to blogging, joining a blog network is a good learning material to get started. Because you can practice your own theory as you like.


These are only pros I have talked about in this post. But remember anything has its pros and cons.


SEO Newbie said...

Come from far place to read your articles... Good info..

Nipuna Silva said...

@SEO Newbie, thanks mate, for traveling so far!! keep in touch!!