Simple Ways to Gain RSS Subscribers

Bloggers like to have more and more RSS readers. Just imagine when you wake up one day and see that your RSS subscriber count jumped by 300 or 400. Amazing right?

So what are the ways we can pull in more RSS subscribers to the site? Here I have written few ideas for you. Try these and see the results.

1. Have a big RSS button

What everyone are looking for is big one's remind that in mind. So if you use a little RSS icon, visitors may not find it. So make sure the icon is large but not overlarge.

2. Display it above the fold

Make sure that you display it above the fold. Many bloggers don’t scroll down to find the RSS feed. Remind that in mind.

3. Display the RSS in every page

Most of the people are not just subscribe to your blog. Some might read few articles, and if satisfied then looking for a RSS feed. So you must display the feed in every page.

4. Explain RSS

Not every reader is familiar with what the RSS feed is. So write a small but catchy little sentence explaining what the RSS is.

5. Offer email subscriptions

As I said before not every reader knows what the RSS feed is! Believe it or not it's about only 10%. So one thing you can do is using an email newsletter. Make it weekly or twice a month depending on your rate. But don’t overwhelm you reader by filling out his inbox. AWEBER gives you the opportunity for this service.

6. at the bottom of every post

As explain in 3rd point, some people want to subscribe after reading the post. So put some link to subscribe just after the end of the post.

7. Don’t jumble your RSS feed with ads.

People will unsubscribe it for sure

8. Animated RSS feed icon

People like things that are attractive. So if you use an attractive RSS icon, an animated one your RSS subscriptions will jump up over night.


If you have more ideas for this topic don't forget to put a comment and go...

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