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Writing an article or a blog post to an online website is different from writing to a paper based one. As the reader reads the article on a screen you must make a good conversation with the reader so that he is more interacted with the content and read it to the end. So depending on the topic, size of it and many other, you must write the article very carefully. This is also important to get a good rank in Social Bookmarking sites. Let’s take a look at few things you can do to the article to keep the reader attracted.

Readers read web articles on some sort of screen, their eyes and mind are tired most of the time. Because of this it’s the heading of the article that catches the reader most of time. If you haven’t put a catchy heading you will be missing good number of readers for the article. Use something that is short and sweet. Like 25 Places to Find Photos for Your Every Need’, ‘Increase Traffic: 3C's of Blogging like that.

Next comes the paragraphs. You must think of how to interact and attract the customer from the first to the last paragraph. Some kind of a small story or a life experience of you will do best for you. Readers like to read something really happened or some story that they never heard of. So consider writing the content of the article in one of the two approaches mentioned. Also follow the basics accurately. Like spellings, grammar, correct and matching quotes etc.

Also try to do something different in your writing. Asking a question on top of the article and giving the answer or a hint in middle or last would engage the reader in the article. This kind of things gets reader involved in the article. Most of the time in this kind of question based articles reader tends to post comments so that they can actively participate in the conversation. Trying something like this is good but overusing this method will bring you nightmare. People won’t be like an article which just asking many questions but no use.

My last point is an important one, the length of the article. The length depends on the topic you write. For topics like gadget review, writing long articles won’t bring you anything. People tend to see gadget videos instead of reading. So gadgets reviews must be kept short and simple and also technical. But writing about some scientific matter will have a lengthy article and sometimes it could spread over few articles. In these people are looking for is more content.

Follow these steps and be a good writer. Good writing skills will bring you great opportunities if you’re in to internet marketing. Share your thoughts and ideas in comments.


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