Guide to be a blogger

If you’re just started blogging, first you must aware that blogging is not easy as you think. As everything has it ups and downs blogging also has its own ups and downs, also when it comes to blogging the difficulties you’ll face are much higher than others because blogging is an activity which has no formal steps to follow. So blogging needs a good self confidence and a desire to do the best.

Here’s a list of things you must need and follow to be among the best in the business.

Self confidence
Without the feeling self confidence not only in blogging but in anything, it is very difficult to go with a good rhythm. Surely self confidence may go up and down but it is important to be focused on your future goals and improve your self confidence. As long as you maintain it the more higher and quicker you get in to the top.

One doesn’t necessarily have to start blogging in a paid domain or hosted space. You can start your blog in a free service in the internet like or and after being stabilized transferring it to a paid domain and a hosted space. It is good to start your blog in a free service because you can create many websites and do experiments without any cost. It is a good learning process. So start few blog sites with different contents and keep experimenting them. Also if you find it worthy to keep that free domain keep it.

Set of tools
Using good set of tools for your blogging is also important. Use analytical software like Google Analytics to keep track of your visits and everything. Use social book marking sites like Digg, Stumble upon, and Delicious etc. to show your site to the public. Use social networks like Facebook, use mini blogging tools like A good set of tools will lead you to amazing results.

So if you’re just in to blogging. First get in to that attitude. First learn what you’re doing and how to do it. Read as much as you can. Everything will guide you to a good income in blogging.

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