Get traffic from social bookmarking sites | part 2

Writing a blog post? Written one? Or have you not found the amazing results you can get from social bookmarking? If not this article is for you to achieve them. This article is a 2nd part of ‘Get traffic from social bookmarking sites’. If you want read the 1st part click here. Or else let’s continue.

  • Submitting old news won’t bring you any traffic. People are not interested in old news and they won’t bother reading them because its history. But if you’re really want to write on do so but don’t expect much traffic to generate from the bookmarking site.
  • Check your facts once a week after submitting; checking daily will give you bad feelings if you’re not getting what you want. Also reply to comments posted about your article so you can create genuine readers.
  • Some sites don’t allow editing your posts after submitting them. So double check the URL, keywords, title before you submits them.
  • Even you put them in a right category not all topics will do well. There’s some topic which find no interest in users. For example Apple sells well in Digg and the war in Iraq on Netscape. Sometimes negative stories too well rank on top like George W. Bush, corruption, crime etc. doing some research would be better.
  • Traffic from social bookmarking sites are some kind of come and gone. They come from the bookmark site, read the article and then go away. To keep them focused in your own site to make them more interested consider putting related articles or popular articles list end the end. They tend to click and go to these links.
  • If you have promoted RSS feeds, newsletter subscriptions people coming from the bookmarking sites can be a member of your readers club. So you can make them genuine subscribers.
  • Using automated submitters are big help for social bookmarking because in few steps you can put your bookmarks in many sites. But do not use automated submitters because automated submitters usually have malware in them.
  • As I stated above, responding to comment on your stories is important. The commenter’s may feel like they are participating in a conversion much closer. Do so will result in more subscribers and more backlinks.
  • Front page story in a social bookmarking site will result in unexpected increase in traffic. Because it is un expected it is better if you prepare your server for the un expected traffic.

Following these steps or even few of them will result you in increase of traffic. Don’t forget to comment about your results.

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