Blogging as leisure time into a part time

Since the start of blogging culture in the Internet, blogging and blog sites has been increased in big numbers. Just by searching in for any topic that comes to your mind, you can get an simple idea about how many people are involved in this culture.

It is arguable but some can say blogging is a money making thing and some can say it is a kind of leisure time activity to share the knowledge. But blogging is actually both, you can start blogging as a knowledge sharing portal and if you wanted, can expand in to a money making blog. But you must also note that from the total number of blogs in the world (112.8 million) stated by Technorati in 2008, most of them are just knowledge sharing websites, but not for money making. If you’re interested in blogging you can start it as a leisure time and expand it in to a part time.

The important point about leisure to part time or to full time is, when you start a blog or any other website you first have to have set of unique audience to present your blog, if you do not achieve this there is no point of wasting more time on that blog, that’s why you must not start blogging as a job straight away.

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