Increase Traffic: 3C's of Blogging

Increasing traffic to your blog is a must for every Blogger. A vital factor of achieving this goal is to develop contacts with your audience by following the 3C's of Blogging. They are comments, conversation and community 


It’s not wrong to say comments are the lifeline of a blog. Ask your readers to leave comments. Make them feel like they all are worthful members of your blog. And spend some time to interact with them.

2. Conversation

As the comments flowing in to your posts it automatically starts to build a conversation within you and the other commentors. Listen to them. And if you have time post your own thoughts in comments. If not write a second post in connect to the comments. 

3. Community

As you follow above two steps, as the conversation moves on you have started a small community under that topic. Your goal as the bloggers is to keep the community run.

 So at the end with a lot of interactions you have increased your blog traffic. See it's even fun to interact with other bloggers in same niche.

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Agent 001 said...

Those 3C's are really important. You need to do it yourself. You have not been visiting my Blog. Even your RSS did not show any new post.